Friends of Arnesby (PTA) at Arnesby Church of England Primary School focus on strengthening the school community, fundraising for the school and allocating funds towards extended educational experiences and extra-curricular events and opportunities. We would like to share with you some of the wonderful things that our PTA committee work so hard to raise funds for. 

We are always grateful to all of the parents, family and friends of Arnesby C of E Primary School who always give so generously their time and energy in making sure these events and fundraising initiatives can take place.  Some of the popular events include craft day, Breakfast Bangers, Panto trip, Bake sales, Film nights and many other exciting activities.

The PTA has been able to purchase resources and equipment to enhance the education and learning experiences at the school.  Some of the things we have purchased over the last couple of years have included:

Arnesby Primary school has been the heart of Arnesby village for almost 200 years! It is for the reason that the PTA have chosen to become Friends of Arnesby Primary school. We believe the relationship between the village and the school is incredibly important and has a truly positive impact on our children. 

The PTA is an opportunity for parents, carers and friends to have a voice. Education and experiences are central to our agenda. The parent and community voice is highly valued and can make such a difference. Our children will do better when their parents, grandparents, neighbours are all involved. As parents your unique views and experiences of the school can help it to improve, which leads to better outcomes for your children. 



Vice Chair/Secretary




Please look out on the school newsletters, WhatsApp group and emails for upcoming dates of meetings and event. If you would like to become a Friend of Arnesby Primary School then please contact Rups, Tamsin or Suzanne for more information.