We actively promote wellbeing for both the children and adults in our school community. We work together to ensure that we get our Well-being 5 a day
Student Wellbeing
We have our own Student Council, consisting of 10 children who are elected each academic year by their peers. The School Council can put forward ideas around any aspects of school life.
Student Council
As a school working towards our food For Life Gold award, there are 4 key areas – community and partnership, food culture and leadership, food education and growing our own produce. See our Food for Life display board.
Food for Life
There are 5 houses and each child is assigned to a house. Encouraging healthy competition and team building, children can earn points for their house, with certificates being awarded at the end of each half term.
House System
Four children have the role of Sports Ambassadors each academic year. They represent the school in various events and after their own training also lead warm ups, sessions and are great role models.
Sports Ambassadors