Pastoral Care at Arnesby

At Arnesby School we actively promote health and wellbeing for both children and adults in our school community. We have a nurturing philosophy which promotes good mental health with children ready to learn.​

School Council at Arnesby

The Arnesby School Council consists of children who are elected by their peers to represent their year group. The council representatives are encouraged to listen to their peer and put forward ideas for improvement in any aspect of school life. ​

House Teams at Arnesby

There are 4 house teams which earn house points with certificates awarded at the end of each term. This encourages team building across the age groups and healthy competition. The Houses are named after the four Gospels to reflect our school’s Christian foundation. Saint Matthew (Red), Saint Mark (Blue), Saint Luke (Green) and Saint John (Yellow)

Sports Ambassadors at Arnesby

Some older children have the role of Sports Ambassadors each academic year. They are great role models and represent the school at different events. After their Sports Ambassador training they are able to lead warm ups and some playground sessions with supervision. ​