Being the oldest children in the school, we try and be mature role models for the younger children and show kindness whenever we can. Taking on responsibilities, both in the classroom and across the whole school, are taken very seriously and we can always be relied upon when there are any important decisions to be made. Demonstrating an understanding of the Christian value justice can be seen through the way that we conduct ourselves. We have a strong sense of right and wrong and use this to ensure that our school is a safe place to be.

In Ocean Class, we are working towards a common goal: to learn as much as we can. We know that to do this successfully we need to pull together as a team; being supportive and encouraging each other. We have a strong understanding that perseverance-another Christian value that we hold very highly-is key to being able to achieve our goal.

Being part of a small school is important to us and we often describe our school community as being like one big family.